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"order respirators, disinfectants, disposable medical PVC / Latex / Nitrile glove´s or KN95 PTFE / FFP2 / FFP3 Protective Masks at a reliable international partner like us is your best way to manage this case "
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Working with asian producers since 2005, we have a lot of experience to share with you. We will analyze your processes to establish the best efficient way to supply you with DISPOSABLE SMS ISOLATION GOWN, KN95 / FFP2 / FFP3-masks or DISPOSABLE MEDICAL NITRILE GLOVE´s.

Municipium has experience from many european clients. Some companies are well prepared for the supply but many still face challenges. You might find similar situations in your own company and if not - consider your preparations to be above average. Take a sneak peek into the typical challenges that are addressed by buying masks or other health products from Asia across Europe and worldwide.

Certification & Documentation

- It can be difficult to find all the relevant data (tax, customs clearance, freight, prices, import).

- the practice isn´t finally cleared - everything is dynamicly changing.

- local authorities are starting the implementation of duty to wear masks.

- some parts of local legislation can be technical and hard to fully understand.

Payment process and documentation

- it seems unclear which risk management processes are required.

- Documentation needs are not specific, leaving too much room for interpretation.

MUNICIPIUM offers DEKRA or TUEV NORD certificated products with absolute transparency on costs & quality


-KN95 PTFE Protective Masks certificated by TUEV NORD or DEKRA.


Product Specs Personal protective mask.

Outer layer: 50g Non-Woven fabric

Second layer: 50g Melt-blown Non-Woven fabric

Third layer: 50g Melt-blown fabric

Fourth layer: 30g Hot air cotton

Inner layer: 25g Non-Woven fabric


- pricing FOB Shanhai.

- 6.3% Customs duties (China).

-additional transportation costs: air freight, rail or sea.

our competence skills:


paying by LC transferable 30 days visual credit or 30% deposit at order an 70% on delivery or LC

orders starting from 500,000 Pieces

300 M Pieces : discount on request

100 M Pieces : 10% discount
50 M Pieces : 8% disocunt
10 M Pieces : 5% discount
5 M Pieces : 2% discount
2 M Pieces : 1% discount
1.0 M Pieces : 0.5% disocunt
0.5 M Pieces : price on request

please contact us for your order in Summer 2020. To be prepared for the second wave

mobile 0049176 40 78 12 01 (GERMANY) .


Ordering our KN95 / FFP2 / FFP3 - masks / gloves / disinfectants / respirators

we promise you quality, time & budget when ordering health products at us is your decision


we are your first choice to supply you in-time with the needed certified health products


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